Self Change in Eating Disorders: Is “Spontaneous Recovery” Possible?

Self-Change in Eating Disorders: Is “Spontaneous Recovery” Possible? WALTER VANDEREYCKEN Department of Psychology, Catholic University Leuven, Tienen, Belgium A limited series of community studies including non-treatment- seekers ...

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Driven to Excess: The Cost of Going for Gold

Patricia Pitts, PHD

Driven to Excess: The Cost of Going for Gold By Patricia Pitts, Ph.D. What's the true cost to athletes when going for gold? Elite athletes are the epitome of passion and prowess, embodying everything we love about a good competition. Mo...

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The Ugly Side of Beauty

Patricia Pitts, PHD

The Ugly Side of Beauty By Patricia Pitts, Ph.D. Whether or not we like to admit it, the images of beauty generated by the media have a profound impact on our own self-image, and go a long way toward bolstering- or depleting- our self-confiden...

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The Joy of Recovery From Eating Disorders

Anita Johnston, PHD

The Joy of Recovery from Eating Disorders By Dr. Anita Johnston, Author of Eating in the Light of the Moon, and Senior Expert to Focus Healthcare of Tennessee, treating chemical dependency and eating disorders. The mental health field has come a ...

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Understanding and Managing Client Resistance

Clifton Mitchell, Ph.D

Understanding and Managing Client Resistance:  Letting Go To Gain Control Clifton Mitchell, Ph.D.      How you conceptualize client resistance determines to a large degree how well you will handle it. Typically, resist...

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