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Keith Lee, PhD

Keith Lee

Since 1990, “Dr. Keith”, has led over 15,000 high-impact individual and group sessions with over an 85% success rate. even for complex problems.

Nearly 15 years of education and training combined with over 20 years experience gives you the peace of mind you need when you’re ready to get unstuck.

Dr. Keith has is currently trained by a Top 50 World Thought Leader and his staff in the field of stress management and human performance.

His mentors  include a presidential award winner for work in divorced families, and teachers with direct links to Alfred Adler, Rudolf Dreikurs, Carl Rogers, Pia Mellody, Dr. William Glasser, and Dr. Peter Levine.

Dr. Keith loves teaching people how to get unstuck, break free and excel. He is a boldly inspirational person and an extraordinary broad-vision professional who escapes singular definition. His unique unrushed; engaging, whole-person style has won rave reviews from friends, clients, and colleagues alike.

Since 2006, Dr. Keith offers in-office coaching and consulting at his Scottsdale ,AZ location, and keeps convenient evening and weekend appointments. He offers phone/ skype sessions and travels to meet you for on-site intensives.