"Dr. Ortman speaks with generosity and grace about a very difficult topic. He is honest, compassionate, and clinically smart; his strong spiritual message makes the subject of infidelity far more hopeful and humane."
- Dr. Pat Love, Austin, TX

"Dr. Ross transcends the simplistic biogenetic ideology that so often clouds our thinking about madness to bring us a truly evidence-based approach to understanding schizophrenia and dissociative disorders."
- Dr. John Read, Auckland, NZ

"I have three women's support groups and I have used Dr. Lerner's teachings as guidelines for our discussions. She has an amazing, in-depth understanding of the human psyche."
- Venera Barles, Bainbridge Island, WA

"Dr. Spring makes a significant contribution to the counseling profession by self disclosing her resentment, guilt, shame, and other negative feelings that she experienced while assuming the prime responsibility for her father."
- Stephen Becker, Hartford, CT

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