About Us

About Us:

Summit for Clinical Excellence and e-Summits, was founded in 1997 by Paul Ortman, the innovative visionary who integrated mental health education with world renowned faculty. Paul singlehandedly captured the magic of learning and presented it in highly interactive formats that energized attendees and revolutionized the mental health continuing education industry. 17 years later, Summit for Clinical Excellence is now the premier provider of Addiction, Mental Health, and Behavioral Health Continuing Education.

Paul's professional journey started in the wholesale book business. He specialized in self-help books, and with a deep belief in education, brought together prominent authors and their fans at a series of book signings. Within a few months, books signings were transformed into large, planned presentations, and ultimately, evolved into the world's leading host of continuing education conferences, mental health DVDs, and online continuing education certification courses.

Our Faculty:
Using his inner vision as a guide, Paul built his company, Summit for Clinical Excellence from the ground up and created the gold standard in the mental health conference industry. The Summit for Clinical Excellence attracts industry leaders such as Dan Millman, John Bradshaw, Harville Hendrix, Patch Adams, and delivers the best and the brightest from a broad variety of disciplines with captivating and entertaining presentations.

Our Venues:
Conference cities are chosen with care, and only those resorts are selected that offer an array of pampering services. Our therapists works hard and deserve the chance to combine educational experiences with the ultimate in luxury.

Our Mission:
Paul and Summit for Clinical Excellence are both known for revitalizing mental health professionals and a deep commitment to continual growth. An open atmosphere of communication and learning is encouraged, and there are always plenty of opportunities for our clients and sponsors to make lasting professional connections. As the best source of mental health continuing education, Summit for Clinical Excellence would like to welcome you to "The Summit"…where the best come to learn.

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